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                          NEW :Dutchy GoodClaims 4 minutes AutoFaucet (BTC Available!)            UPDATE : +35% for rewards onDutchy LTC Faucet & +50% on Dutchy BigClaims AutoFaucet!            POWER HOUR ( REWARD x2 ) on One of Dutchy Faucets each monday at 10 PM UTC !             IMPORTANT: This website is currently under development. If you have any bugs or you meet any problems using the site then please send a PM to Dutchybeatz! Thank you for using our faucet!                         

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Possible rewards: 160000 (80%), 180000 (14%), 215000 (5%), 320000 (1%) satoshi

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Recent Payouts

Acpa196oWBamng3gMeFASYSkWy1zvd8Yj5160000 satoshi
AUR179UVEH5JVDFgEQND8hJ7t1GXK2VPg4160000 satoshi
AT3FMTZtyKKkziz3RDN9VHt2qcu8KZknjv160000 satoshi
AT3FMTZtyKKkziz3RDN9VHt2qcu8KZknjv160000 satoshi
AVnCTrFfn8RBfcVMF4agMAJxMLeQgMKTdG160000 satoshi

Referral commission: 25% Reflink: https://dutchycorp.space/xpm/?r=Your_Address

Faucet: 🤖Gem of the week

Amazing multicoin faucet.
Gives lots of altcoins
(more of 27!)
(No need for FauceHub acc, direct payment)

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