How to Claim on FaucetHub ?

  1. Create an account on  Faucethub(for register on FaucetHub, you need to have Bitcoin address, For that you can create a Binance Account ,otherwise you can check Web-Wallets on my navbar in "Help ?" section

  2. Once you are Log in on FaucetHub , go to "Wallet adresses" & link adresses of your wallet for all coins that you want claim !

  3. On FaucetHub, go to Dashboard Overview Here you can chat with others FH users, see your level, balance & stats ,to see good faucets, click on "Claim for more faucet" to check Faucethub list.
    You can also check my Big FaucetList for brand new & updated faucets!

  4. Once you are on a Faucet Website , you must sometimes solve captchas/antibots securities & do shortlinks ,
    if you use an adblocker , it's better to disable that during your claim session to earn faster ( check that tutorial video for DutchyFaucet claiming process !)

  5. For more information , contact me on my FH Account !

Good Luck !

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