How to Claim on ExpressCrypto ?

  1. Create an account on  ExpressCrypto help1

  2. Once you are Log in on ExpressCrypto , you can see your EC UserId on the Dashboard,the UserID will permit you to claim on Faucets linked to the Platform ! help2

  3. On ExpressCrypto you can chat with others ExpressCrypto users, see your level, balance & stats on the Dashboard ,to see good faucets, click on "List Of Sites" on the website right side, here you will be able to see the complete ExpressCrypto list.
    You can also check Our Big FaucetLists for brand new & updated faucets!

  4. Once you are on a Faucet Website , you must sometimes solve captchas/antibots & pass shortlinks ,
    if you use an adblocker , it's better to disable that during your claim session to earn faster ( check this tutorial video for Express Autofaucet claiming process !)

  5. For more informations , contact us Here !

Happy Claiming !