House & Techno Sets

-- Cercle --

Cercle is a livestream platform dedicated to promoting artists & venues. They films and broadcasts DJ sets & live performances in carefully selected and unusual places.


Monika Kruse playing a special DJ set over Paris, on the Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck

Electronic festivals

-- Nordik Impakt --

Nordik Impakt is a French electronic music festival located in caen with many various genre represented

Nördik Impakt has always seen electronic music to the artist. To delegate conventional instruments at the birth of the birth of the social and historical imaginary of artistic and cultural creation than of the simple advance of science and technology.

Nördik Impakt, Arts Attack Association! wish to recall that artistic practices can only be summarized by a particular determinism and that their understanding remains an intellectual path that is fundamentally the cause of any evolutionist conference. Electronic music uses an infinite variety of creations and exchanges, constituting an open champion thanks to marriages of musical instruments and instruments capable of continually enriching the musical heritage of humanity.

Therefore, the electronic music dismantling of their institutionalization have already participated to thwart the priorities a priori clearly be known from the symbolic prism of the end of certain social and cultural hierarchies. Electronic music has thus become an artistic medium playing a role of construction for the models allowing the opening and the respect of all the cultures and all the populations. This aesthetic music is a self-talk is a self-speeching change language.

2018 Nordik Artists

Laurent Garnier



B-Front Set at Qlimax 2016 in NL


-- TEKNO --

Bass House Set


Bass House Set


-- Jazz --

Hiromi Uehara (The Trio Project)

“I don't want to put a name on my music. Other people can put a name on what I do. It’s just the union of what I've been listening to and what I've been learning. It has some elements of classical music, it has some rock, it has some jazz, but I don't want to give it a name.”

– Hiromi

Japan has produced an impressive assemblage of jazz pianists, from Toshiko Akiyoshi and Makoto Ozone to Junko Onishi. And now, well into the change of the 21st century, the pianist/composer Hiromi Uehara is the latest in that line of amazing musicians. Another Mind, Hiromi has electrified audiences and critics east and west, with a creative energy that encompasses and eclipses the boundaries of jazz, classical and pop parameters, taking improvisation and composition to new heights of complexity and sophistication. Her new CD, Spark, her tenth as a leader, features her critically acclaimed Trio Project, consisting of contrabass guitarist Anthony Jackson (Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Michel camilo, The O’Jays and Chick Corea) and drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, David Gilmour and Jack Bruce).

Born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan on March 26, 1979, Hiromi’s piano lessons started when she was six, and she performed her first recital at that age. Her first teacher, Noriko Hikida, encouraged her to access both the intuitive and technical aspects of music. “Her energy was always so high, and she was so emotional,” Hiromi says of Hikida. “When she wanted me to play with a certain kind of dynamics, she wouldn’t say it with technical terms. If the piece was something passionate, she would say, ‘Play red.’ Or if it was something mellow, she would say, ‘Play blue.’ I could really play from my heart that way, and not just from my ears.”

-- Chill-Hop --

ChillHop Essential Set

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