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List of Crypto-Related Games I suggest using
(Last Full Update : 13-12-18)

Name Type Go Play Info
RollerCoin NEW Virtual Mining Choose your avatar & Increase your hash Power with little funny games ! Buy Big custom Miners & Rags & upgrade your Set-Up
Febbit Virtual Mining Level up, collect blocks every hour, get computer chips from caches, and mine faster than ever!
BitFun Arcades | Adventure | Puzzles Play with more of 600 Classics Web Games & earn BTC while having fun ! Withdraw on CoinPot !
StarCoins Space MMORPG Battle other players and rebel ships (AI) with your battleships.
If you use my referral link, you get 500 free Deuterium on sign-up! (That's a lot. One Shortlink is 50D)
ClickFight MMORPG Beat NPC software, and fight other players in the arena for lots of things!
-- Ammo, Credits, Satoshi, and much more! Really fun game!
Bitscalibur NEW MMORPG Fight other players in PvP or Coop mode
--Dynamic Gameplay , lot of items ..
-- Earn Gold, Silver & Copper (Paypal & Faucethub withdraw !)
CryptoMiningGame Virtual Mining Mine using Crystals, do missions for coins, EXP, and Crystals !
Money Clicker Virtual Mining Start small, grow big. Mine different ores, starting with Stone and Coal,
and move up all the way to Red Diamond!
BitRig Virtual Mining Claim energy from the faucet, and power your miners to get paid.
No threshold.
BitMines Virtual Mining Claim apples from the faucet, and feed your miners to start getting paid.
No threshold. Made by the same Creator that made BitRig.
Dragon Knights of Valeria Space MMORPG Earn different in-game cryptocoins which can be exchanged to BTC.
Warp-explore the universe with your drones and battleships to earn!
Compete in a daily contest to find the "Ancient Fleet" and receive amazing rewards!




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